Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CU Friday: A Mini-Blog

Of course, the end of the semester is near, and I am once again behind on my blogging.  But real quick, I want to share with you about last Friday, when our team played for the welcome session of CU Friday, our campus's name for the big visitation days for prospective students.

Last Thursday was pretty relaxed for me; I had a class cancelled, which gave me a good part of the afternoon free to do some homework and encourage some friends.  I was all ready around dinnertime to eat and then go to rehearsal when I found out that instead of ending rehearsal at 10 like normal, we would start rehearsal at 10!  And instead of a normal rehearsal, we were going to wheel all our equipment from the storage room in the DMC to the theater in the SSC (outside, with no trailer) and set up/ sound check for the CU Friday welcome session.  Well, I e-mailed my RD first of all to tell her I would probably be out past our 12am curfew.  Then, I spent the next few hours relaxing and getting more homework done.

Setting up is never too bad on a normal church stage.  But on a theater stage with a play in progress (which is why we started at 10; we needed to wait for the play to be over), we were playing in a living room, and it was difficult to get our staging just right and make sure that we weren't touching or breaking anything from the play (although I'm pretty sure Dexter ended up playing bass sitting on the living room's couch during rehearsal).  THEN, we needed to have two wireless microphones out for the speakers, so for some reason we had to bring a ton of equipment from the Generation room that had wireless capabilities, just for two wireless mics...By the time we were set up and sound checked, it was 12:30, and Dane was going crazy.  Jo and I walked back to Maddox for a few short hours of sleep.

Friday morning we were there around 7 for a final sound check.  Dane was going crazy again, this time because the CU Admissions computer wasn't playing nicely with our computer or system.  Finally, we got the two computers to be friends just in time for all the prospective students to come in.  We played a few upbeat songs, and to our surprise there were people standing and clapping, at 8 in the morning!!  When we were done playing, we snuck out to get some breakfast in Chuck's before we tore everything down and wheeled it back to the DMC, in the rain, in a hurry, so we could make it to chapel on time.  Dane, Dex and I all collapsed on a pew in chapel right as it was starting, and Dane and I looked at each other with a "We did it!" look in our eyes, relieved that all the stress of the morning was over.

So, it was a crazy 12 hours, but as much as some HS members would complain about CU Fridays, it was fun for me.  The first time I ever heard of HeartSong was at a CU Friday (and I figured out later that Rachel's fiance Taylor was on the team that I saw), and it was a great pull for me to want to come to Cedarville, even though being on HeartSong wasn't in my thinking yet.  We were the first students that these visitors saw that day, and I was excited for the chance to represent my university well and help to promote Cedarville.

Tune in next time for a blog update about HeartSong Chapel!

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