Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arrow Prayer

Thank You, God, for a great rehearsal tonight.  I feel so much more prepared for our Fall Break Tour this weekend because of it.  Thank You for Dane, Dexter, Grant, Joellyn, Rachel, Tommy, and Will; thank You for the chance you've given the 8 of us to glorify Your name and worship You together this weekend.  Thank You for laughter.  Thank You for music.  Thank You for HeartSong, for bringing them to Camp Carl so that You could put this desire in my heart, and for making that desire a reality before I had time to blink.

Please keep us safe on the road.  Please make Your presence known in our rehearsal times, in our conversations, in our worship, both on and off stage.  Please help us to impress from a distance and impact up close.  And in all things, may Your Name be glorified, because it is only in the name of Your Son that we can come before You and offer our worship.  In His name I pray these things; Amen.

L to R: Will, Joellyn, Dane, Dexter, Tommy, Rachel, Me, Grant

Fall Break Tour: October 14-17, 2010.  Please pray!

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